Erie-Tech Industrial Furnace


We engineer and fabricate custom components of all kinds for heat-treating and glass furnaces, as well as other industrial furnace applications. We work closely with the respected engineering firms that design and build furnaces.


…has given us a deep knowledge of all aspects of furnace technology. We will build to customer specifications, where we make a bid based on blueprints provided, or we can design / build any furnace components from batch plant to cold end for electric melt, electric boost, air-fuel fired or any other new or existing heat-treating or glass furnaces. And we can provide service and maintenance for any components we build.


Our reputation is built on providing top quality components at very competitive costs to help produce fuel-efficient glass furnaces or other types of industrial furnaces with low gas emissions and ease of maintenance. You can count on Erie Technologies.


Erie Technologies has supplied hundreds of components to state-of-the-art new and refurbished furnaces built for companies such as Guardian Industries, AFG, Owens-Illinois, Anchor Hocking, Phillips, Ball, Sony, Cardinal, Certainteed, Owens Corning and many others. A partial list of our projects includes…

Atmosphere cooled lip plates
Belt and shaft assemblies
Boomtype batch chargers
Bubbler compressed air flow meter panels
Bubbler type support brackets
Burner nozzles
Burner tip manifolds
Buss bars
Cable guides
Canal casings
Charge tables
Clean-out door assemblies
Cool modules
Cooling coils, panel, wind fans
Counterweight slugs
Crossover ladders
Crown rise scale equipment
Crust probe assemblies
Cullet chutes
Curing ovens
Cut, machine, glue all insulation / isolation materials
Discharge tables
Drive tables
Edge breaker machines
Electrode clamps, connectors, insertion jacks, supports
Fan shaft, fan assemblies
Forehearth orifice casting / machining
Furnace rollers
Gas valve modifications
Graphite tile support bars
Ground electrode assemblies
Heat modules
Inspection doors
Kiln rollers
Lehr drive tables
Lip spout casings
Main line cullet breaker machines
Muffle chambers
Needle-holder assemblies
Orifice rings
Packing pieces
Peephole closure assemblies
Port burner bracket assemblies
Portable burner carts
Protective electrode sleeves
Retaining wall steel door assemblies
Reversing valve details
Screw conveyors
Sheave yoke assemblies
Side seals
Sidewall plate brackets
Slide gates
Spacing shims
Stir cabin filter boxes
Super flue damper assemblies
Terminal box frames
Test weight mechanisms
Thermocouple mounting assemblies
Tie rods
Top knurl machines
Tweel raising gears
Water boxes and support details
Water cooled binding steel, chutes, dams, electrode holders
Weigh hoppers
Zim air frames

Glass Furnaces